Chairman & CEO's message

Dear Valued Readers,

  Welcome to our Moha Somnang family.

  I would like to express my greatest appreciation on behalf of the Moha Somnang family for joining our community.

  Lottery is a type of business which has been existed for so many years. Lottery is the most popular type of lucky draw game and it is originated in Rome since before the Christ. Later on, lottery spreads to China since 2BC. At that time, both the government and businessmen play the role of distributing and selling lottery service. If we look at lottery business in the kingdom of Cambodia, lottery business has entered Cambodia for approximately 50 years. Lottery is a type of lucky draw game that is very popular in many countries around the world. Likewise, in Cambodia, lottery is the most favorable type of lucky draw game for Cambodian people.

  We are proud to announce that for our official commercial launch MohaSomnang will start its operation in 11 provinces and cities which include the capital of

1. Phnom Penh city,

2. Kondal province

3. Takeo province

4. Siem Reap province

5. Battambang province

6. Prey Veng province

7. SvayReangprovince

8. Kampong Cham

9. Kampong Spoeur

10. Kampong Thom

11. Tbong Khmum and is going to expand its networks to 25 provinces in the coming months.

  For the first start of our business operation, Moha Somnang employs around 80 staff members which Technical team from Beijing, China and most members are local staff. Based on the company’s forecast, it is expected that this business will offer around 14,073 job opportunities to Cambodian people whom will be the company’s agents and at least in one village is offered with one job an Agent.

 The allocation of the revenue earned from lottery service is as followings:

Pay tax

Reward payout

Commission for sales agent and daily operation expense

Donate to charity event

The advantages of legality are as followings:

Bring entertainment to citizens by spending very little money on trying their luck

Generate revenue to government through paying tax

The establishment and encouragement of policy and strategic plan in reducing crime and issues caused by illegal lottery

The issuance of legal lottery game is to ensure the safe lucky draw with responsibility of paying out the reward

  There are some doubts about lottery and gambling provide bad influence to family lifestyle when involving with lottery. In contrary, based on economic theory, people can afford for something unless they have decent income.  Likewise, people can afford for the lottery ticket unless they have sufficient income for this expense. In this case, it shows that people have the authorization to purchase any affordable products. At the same time, legalizing the lottery is converting lottery into a consumer good which people legally purchase. Moreover, when people voluntarily purchase lottery, they will have be bound by tax obligation the same way as when they spend on consumer goods. Generally, income from tax on consumer goods will contribute to the increase of social welfare.

  Thus, having Cambodia's own legal lottery is a mean to ensure the efficiency in preventing illegal foreign lottery providers from operating in Cambodia.

  Cambodia lottery is a legal lottery operator in Cambodia selling 5D lottery game with consolation prizes of 2D and 3D and registered under Khmer Moha Somnang Co.,Ltd in the Kingdom of Cambodia. As a responsible lottery operator in the Kingdom of Cambodia, Cambodia Lottery is committed to bring positive social impacts through variety of social and communities programs.

  We always strive to participate and engage in contributing to the development of country’s economy in Cambodia. Additionally, Cambodia lottery offers a form of daily entertainment for Cambodian people and foreigner who want to try their luck. Cambodia lottery encourage its own customer to play a minimum bet amount of USD 0.025 which equivalent 100 Cambodian riels will return 6,000,000.00++ riels if their luck arrived. Cambodia lottery mainly opens for adults who want to entertain themselves during their pastime while young generation below 18 years old is strictly banned.

  Last but not least, On behalf of Moha Somnang family, I would like to thank you once again and wish you a very Happy New Year.



TekChroeurn, ChhnasChroeurn!!!


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