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  We offer 5D Lotto with the consolation prizes of 2 digits and 3 digits. Our lottery provide our customers with and online betting system to ensure a friendly, convenient and safe betting experience and prize claiming platform.

  We provide the lucky winners with the 3 in 1 prize of 6,000,000.00++ .

How to play 5D? 

  In order to play lucky draw of lotto 5 digits, players need to choose 5 numbers that you wish. Example: 12345

Type of Lottery

Bet number





All or 3 in 1



1 2 3 4 5


1 2 3 4 5

1 2 3 4 5

1 2 3 4 5

If the numbers matches chronologically, the winning is three times:

Ø Prize 1 Amount of number x 6០,០០០

Ø Prize 2 (Consolation) receive 70 points

Ø Prize 3 (Consolation) receive 600 points

Where to claim prizes?

o   Cambodia Lottery agent

o   Provincial or city distributor or Srok/Khan

o   Staff representing Khmer Mohasomnang Co., Ltd

o   Money transfer agents nationwide

o   Company branches

-       The reward will be sent immediately to Cambodia lottery agent’s account. Then the money can be withdrew in 10 minutes after the result announced. Reward is valid 30 days from the result announcement date. 

-       Each result announcement consists of 4 prizes: 

o   Prize 1: A1

o   Prize 2: B2

o   Prize 3: C3

o   Prize 4: D4

Where to check results?

o   Smartphone in Cambodia Lottery app or KTV lottery App

o   Company’s website

o   Social media (Facebook)

o   Radio

o   Result board at each agents

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